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Rice with chickpeas and eggs (cheap)

Rice with chickpeas and eggs (cheap)

Boil the rice in salted water, according to the instructions on the package. It is preferable for the rice to be cooked the day before. It cools as soon as possible.

Cut the onion into rounds. Fry the eggs in a little oil, according to your preferences.

Heat a little olive oil in a large frying pan / wok. Add only the white part of the onion leaves, chickpeas, curry powder and salt. Cook for a few minutes, until the chickpeas become slightly crispy. Add the rice and mix well. Leave for a few minutes, until the rice is hot.

Serve with fried eggs and sprinkled with slices of green onions.

Austerity week

There are times when, as the saying goes, we wake up at the bottom of the bag. In our times we find ourselves reaching the zero with the card. This has happened to us many times, I think it happens to many. But now I became aware and took it as a challenge, not as a reason for despair as I used to do.

I quickly made an inventory of what I had around the house and, although I had nowhere to "borrow" from, I did not want to resort to reserves set up for other purposes. As a matter of fact, these days Laura Frunza also wrote about A week of fiscal fasting. It seemed to me that I fit into the subject so I continued the diary already started.

But I also needed some shopping, so I turned to the small items I had gathered in a bowl and the ones I found in full through all my pockets and pockets. They were very helpful, as will be seen.

So at the beginning of the week the situation was like this:

Reserve in the refrigerator: two packets of meat, a packet of pork tongue (4 pieces, I used two no matter how many two), two packets of cottage cheese, a packet of eggplant and one of peppers with tomatoes.

Reservations in the pantry: pasta, rice, lentils, red peas, chickpeas, semolina, flour (a box for the bread I prepare in the car), jams, jars of vegetable stew, some compotes.

Sunday: Eggplant salad, dumpling soup, potato stew with leeks and meat.

Months: Lentil meal, rice pilaf with vegetables.

Pliers for the child's package for the whole week and for the Monday evening meal with lentils and rice

The yogurt cake (I had two bottles of milk that turned sour and I couldn't bear to throw them away) with semolina and flour (from the cupboard reserves) & # 8211 we got three days for the baby's breakfast first row.

Shopping: one kg of roots (I chopped them, put them in bags and put them in the freezer), one kg of apples, 10 eggs: total 20 lei

Tuesday : breakfast & # 8211 yogurt cake, boiled eggs

lunch: a few french fries to complete the lentils and rice left over from Monday.

Bread with butter and quince jam, tea.

Wednesday: Cream vegetable soup with croutons, peas with potatoes, sauerkraut.

Shopping: 2 kg potatoes, half kg peas, four mackerel fish, half kg simple biscuits: total 20 lei

Thursday: breakfast: omelette, schnitzel (Dante was not at school). snacks: apples, bread with jam.

Lunch: Vegetable cream and pea soup on Wednesday

dinner: yogurt with cornflakes

Shopping: 20 eggs, drinking yogurt & # 8211 13 lei.

Friday: breakfast & # 8211 vegetable stew from the pantry, scrambled eggs

dinner (18:30): beef soup, baked potatoes with pork with sauerkraut.

Saturday: breakfast & # 8211 homemade hummus, boiled eggs, bread with jam

lunch: soup, baked potatoes, sauerkraut.

dessert (actually more for dinner): punch cake (with yogurt made from sour milk), strawberry jam and cottage cheese cream.

Sunday: breakfast & # 8211 humus, vegetable stew, omelet, leftover pancake cake

lunch: soup (for children), steamed mackerel, polenta, garlic (for the little one I used peanuts)

in the evening pasta pudding with cottage cheese and eggs, yogurt with cornflakes

Months: vegetable soup, lentils, pudding, bread with butter and jam

I have a few mentions: my husband eats at work and breakfast and lunch, so it is not taken into account at these meals (except Saturday and Sunday).

We don't eat a lot of meat, instead we eat a lot of eggs, that's why we often buy eggs. It often happens that at lunch we eat only soup and in the evening the second course, depending on the schedule we have. That's how I got used to it and I'm fine with that, and Dante says he feels full after a bowl of soup. I never force him, he asks again when he is hungry.

Between meals I don't usually nibble on anything, the children also eat a fruit or a vegetable (apples, bananas, prunes and raisins). When I can make homemade sugar-free biscuits or muffins (possibly with apples or carrots) that the little one eats. I don't cook for him separately.

We usually have dinner after we come from hockey training, around 7 & # 8211 7:30 at the latest. After dinner we are not used to eating anything else, except for children if they ask.

We only consume sweet milk very rarely, that's why it is not found in our menu (the little one is breastfed). Instead, we do not lack yogurt and cheese.

During this week no member of the family endured hunger :), I could even say that we pampered ourselves with some goodies that are easy to make and cheap. It seems that even with a very small budget you can live well, we can even see the advantages: the products that were set aside (it was not necessarily our case but it can happen) are capitalized surprisingly well, the refrigerator empties and it can finally be thawed.

It is a repeatable experience, not very often, but from time to time it is good to take a break to spend and buy, not necessarily forced by circumstances but also on their own initiative.

How do you do when the budget drops drastically? Have you experienced such a week without shopping?

About economic recipes

I often made polenta, because I took corn from the country, from my grandmother, I made bread at home, and if the bread got old, I didn't throw it away. We dried it in the oven and made croutons for the soup or we crushed it and made breadcrumbs. I rarely made steaks or snacks. & # 128578

I made all kinds of canned food at home, bought vegetables, brought fruit from the country and made compotes and zacusca from all nations. You know cherries were all over the place, don't you? When I came from the delegates, I would stop the cars and pick cherries from the side of the road, and at home I would make jam (with a little sugar) and compote. Let's be healthy every time we eat compote with bread and that was our breakfast or dinner. & # 128578

Detergents were not found, Cheia soap was rarely found, but I was lucky and I also brought detergent and soap from the factory. & # 128578 God bless Mrs. Aurelia and Mrs. Sanda, I was on maternity leave and they would catch my husband and give him a handful of detergent, phosphate or 2-3 Key soaps. & # 128578 We used to wash our clothes with this: we shaved the soap and mixed it with detergent, phosphate and water, we dissolved it and made a paste. I soaked them in the evening and washed them by hand the next day. & # 128578

About economic recipes

This shopping list was ideal, because many times I could only buy potatoes, rice and pasta and that's what we eat. We didn't mind, we knew we could afford it, but I can't tell you what the chores of my husband's family, in-laws and brothers-in-law were doing to us: they said we were repentant, that we were vegetarians. & # 128577

It was very hard and that's how I did it for years. & # 128577 But we have the satisfaction that although it was difficult for us, we raised our children and educated them with the fear of God and with common sense, we bought and furnished an apartment. Now we don't have those shortcomings from then, but that doesn't mean we forgot or that we are upside down.

Vegan party at the end of Lent

Those who have fasted for Easter know that before the Resurrection they must put their appetites in the nail and give up meat, dairy, eggs or other animal products, wine and other alcoholic temptations. This does not mean, however, that the menu must be dull and repetitive, and the ban on certain foods must not keep you away from festive dinners, real culinary parties for those who respect tradition.

Lent or Lent is the longest in the Orthodox calendar. It is a test for any gourmet, which involves, in addition to finding inner peace, a restraint in the plate. Not everyone finds it easy to switch from steaks and heavy foods to a menu almost similar to that of vegetarians.

If you have fasted so far with vegetable soups, salads and potatoes, treat yourself to the end of this period with the best vegetarian dishes. Prepare even a meeting with everyone in the family or with friends, even those who have not kept away from culinary temptations and delight them with a fast food menu.

Fasting appetizers

You don't have to limit yourself to raw vegetables, spreads with vegetable pate and tofu cheese. In addition to these, you can try other arrangements on the plates on the table.

  • Bowls with several varieties of olives (green, black, filled with donuts), sprinkled with a little olive oil and fresh herbs
  • Spicy hummus with homemade tortillas - which you can quickly prepare at home in the chickpea kitchen (it's cheaper and won't have any preservatives)
  • Bruschettas with tomatoes and basil
  • Rolls in rice paper & ndash in which the meat will be replaced with tofu

Main types of fasting

The easiest way is to make french fries and eat them with a slice of bread with zacusca. But it is not the healthiest option. Keep the jar of zacusca for the service package and give up the french fries. We offer you some healthy and much more consistent dishes.

  • Paella for vegetarians - in which to replace chicken soup used in cooking with vegetable soup
  • Pumpkin cream soup - in which chicken soup can be replaced with juice from a vegetable soup, and butter with olive oil
  • Minestrone soup - from which to remove the bacon
  • Spring packages - if you take the meat out of this recipe and add a few mushrooms you will have a delicious fasting food
  • Ratatouille
  • Citrus pilaf
  • Pomegranate and arugula salad

Fasting desserts

In addition to fruit salads, you definitely want a sweet treat from time to time, even if you are fasting. You can try

  • Homemade cocoa candies & ndash in which the cherry can be replaced with fruit syrup and a little water
  • Baclava & ndash in which melted butter can be replaced with vegetable margarine for cakes or even extra virgin olive oil

What recipes did you try in the post? We invite you to tell us about them.

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The chickpeas are left in the water for a few hours before being used. There must be a sufficient amount of water. Drain before cooking.

The beets are baked in the oven, wrapped in aluminum foil, after being imposed in a few places with something sharp. It takes about an hour to be ready, so we recommend doing it in advance, while preparing other dishes. It can stay in the fridge for a week after it has been made, so you will find enough time to prepare it.

Allow the beets to cool, peel and cut into large pieces.

In a food processor add all the above ingredients. Use the robot until everything becomes very fine, like a paste. Taste and add to taste - salt, oil, spices, lemon.

Serve in a flat plate, sprinkled with a little olive oil, sesame seeds, parsley

Special images of fried rice grains

I can honestly say that I made this simple rice quite often during my studies. It is a cheap and affordable dish that can be eaten as such if you add a little grated cheese, cream cheese or pieces of cheese with noble white or blue mold (gorgonzola, brie, camembert, bavaria blue, danish blue etc). Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturadip iscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolor sit grains of soy fried, Herbalife offers you a new healthy snack: grains of soy roastedTasty recipes with soy and tof

Simple rice recipe for creamy rice garnish with butter

  • The cure with rice grains is kept to get rid of extra pounds, but also to make a detoxification of the body. The cure is also good for those who have diabetes or suffer from high blood pressure, as this cure limits the consumption of salt and foods containing sodium, foods that are thought to stimulate appetite.
  • istrare. Consume 1 tablespoon of rice, di
  • The rice diet, also known as the rice grain diet, also helps to detoxify the body. The rice diet (and detoxification of the body) consists largely of two stages: Stage 1 - In this phase the rice diet consists mostly of rice and fruit. Stage 2 - This stage incorporates vegetables along with fruits and rice.
  • For over 1000 years, this rice has been grown in the Himalayas, and India, where it is a staple food, and Pakistan are the largest producers and exporters of basmati rice, yet the true basmati rice is grown in the Punjab region, which exists in two variants: white and brown

Risotto uses special types of rice, with large grains - arborio, carnaroli. The pilaf also includes those with a long and sharp grain, they remain separated after boiling (grain by grain). Authentic pilaf is made according to a clear method, it is composed of pieces of meat (sheep, chicken or pork) and many vegetables, etc. Although it has gone through several weight changes over time, it is now finally thanks to the way it looks. This is how Minodora actually lost almost 40 kilograms! Minodora has lost weight with the help of drops Over time, Minodora has had major problems with weight fluctuation. Lately, [Over time, it has been a favorite ingredient of the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. Today, the leaders of world chickpea production are India, Australia and Pakistan. Last year, 9,950,000 tons of chickpeas were harvested worldwide

Tomato soup with rice is a soup that transposes you many years ago in grandma's kitchen, awakened by the sweet-sour aroma of freshly picked tomatoes. My grandmother made tomato soup with rice and I remember that after she cooked the tomatoes a little, she only took out the pulp that she boiled in a little water and spices. Rice protein powder provides essential amino acids, vitamins B and E, fiber and complex carbohydrates. Rice powder does not contain fat, cholesterol, sugar and sodium. It can be used as a supplement for any type of meal, added in smoothies or shakes, but also in soups or salads. Cut squares of 10 × 10 cm, which are filled with the composition of rice and mushrooms. Roll and place neatly in a pot with a thick bottom, greased with oil, in which a layer of chopped cabbage was placed. Add a few peppercorns and sprinkle chopped cabbage on top. The artist from Târgumureş, Ioan Astăluş (57 years old) made hundreds of sculptures in rice grains, beans or chestnuts, which, he says, he breathed life with a lot of technique. and care. The French artists' association called me "the father of plant sculpture," he says. The faces of the 12 apostles, carved. Aromatic rice is a general term used to refer to that type of rice that has an aroma similar to that of roasted hazelnuts or popcorn. The natural compound that gives this rice its characteristic aroma is present in much larger quantities than in all other types of rice.

2 glasses of boiled rice 1 chopped onion 1/2 glass of vegetables (chopped carrots, peas) 1/2 glass of chopped mushrooms 1/2 glass of chopped green peppers, celery (diced) 2 red hot peppers, chopped 4 tablespoons oil 3 tablespoons sauce soy 1 tablespoon rice vinegar 1 teaspoon vegeta salt, pepper, Chinese spices Method of preparation. As roast chicken is not expensive in our country and is extremely, extremely delicious, we use it quite often. But what do we do with the leftovers, which we can't consider a whole meal? We put them in what we said, hand in hand the best chicken salad in the world Find out some simple and quick recipes for tasty food and desserts that you can easily prepare Slow food, but fast cooking, recipes of 10, 20 or 30 min

Thus, in the portion of rice (cooked as I said above) a handful of grains is added for the regime of this quadruped. The medication is determined by the doctor depending on what health problems the animal still has. The doctor will also recommend certain vitamins to strengthen the dog's immune system. Then add the garlic, chili and 2 tablespoons of freshly grated ginger. Remove from the heat and sprinkle the mixture with 2 tablespoons of lime juice and add 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, adding a quarter cup of water if it is too dry

Coffee Artisans * Freshly ground coffee and beans

  • ute Ingredients: 1 can of tuna pieces in oil 1 lettuce 2 tablespoons canned red beans 2 tablespoons canned corn kernels 2 egg of 6-8 serving tomatoes. Wash the tomatoes. Unwrap the canned tuna and separate the salad oil from the tomatoes, corn kernels and beans. Make a.
  • Istare: Consume 1 tablespoon of rice, di
  • e vegan bars are an excellent snack for post-workout being the perfect help in recovery. The vegan Meal Balance stick with cocoa beans is a healthy snack at any time of the day due to the content of ingredients: L-carnitine helps to transform fat into energy (burns fat from the body and accelerates burning).
  • Miso Alb Rice + Soy Clearspring - traditional Japanese pasta `Sweet White Miso` (Miso Dulce Alb - pasteurized product). It is a fermented puree of rice and soybeans that can be used instead of salt to give flavor to various dishes (sauces, dressings (see recipes), soups (see recipe), stews, purees), combining well with: ginger, garlic, rice vinegar, tahini.
  • Enjoy a packet (21.5g) of roasted soybeans as a healthy and delicious snack at any time of the day. This product will be consumed as part of a balanced and varied diet and a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • ute, remove from heat and steam for 10
  • The cure for rice grains is a unique cure. The cure for changing the mentality and adapting the body to a certain lifestyle. This cure is recommended to start on a WEDNESDAY evening, being quite important the correct and perfect mention of its use throughout its duration.

Fried soybeans - Eva

  1. Gluten-free foods. Gluten-free sliced ​​bread and pizza top, gluten-free buckwheat flour, rice, chickpeas, millet but also gluten-free pasta, gluten-free cereals, gluten-free sweet and savory snacks. Gluten free food for any diet and time of day
  2. These berries are fried by the best toasters around the globe with a real passion that they have. Your passion for trying these coffees will complete the journey into the world of quality coffee. The trip is based on culinary tastes
  3. Complete menu for Christmas table - Garnish. Red rice salad • in the Deluxe range you can find various types of rice: long grain, red, black, rice for risotto, etc. • Red rice, which I chose for the Red Rice Salad recipe, has a lot of health benefits, so I highly recommend it.
  4. Therefore, at the table are consumed first the products from the mountains, followed by those from the sea and, finally, those from the field. You will tend to see the Japanese eating vegetables or soybeans, although they have also eaten meat and chicken for 500 years, especially after contact with the Portuguese.

Hi, I think some of you are reluctant to try miracles for weight loss, know that for some time I have replaced the classic roasted morning coffee with green coffee. I kind of can't keep a diet, I start it but I can't finish it, with this coffee I drink about 2 cups a day I managed to lose weight only in the first 3 weeks. The quails are washed and boiled in salted water, black and green peppercorns for 40 minutes... The black rice is washed and boiled in salted water. Meanwhile, prepare the orange sauce. For the orange sauce, wash the oranges well, peel them and squeeze the juice. Peel and leave for 30 minutes in hot water after which. Whether you are a convinced vegetarian, or you simply want to take a break from meat-based dishes, especially since we are in Lent, FANATIK offers you a recipe that you will surely fall in love with, due to its unique taste. . It's about the beloved meatballs, a dish that contains a unique basic ingredient, to everyone's liking: beans

Cure with rice grains - Click Health

Chimpanzee sticks contain a large amount of protein and fiber and are an excellent source of natural energy. Specifications distribute energy 9 g easily digestible protein Vegan Quantity: 55g Taste Peanut Butter Ingredients Rice Syrup, Peanuts 27%, Rice Chips Buy Online Vegan Protein Protein with Cocoa Beans Meal Balance® Fast Delivery, Best Price . See also other Healthy Snacks at Discount Call us: +40 722921073 Faceboo Translate this page RO. Select languag And this scenario applies to any form of branded coffee packaging. It is also valid for coffee beans, and for the ground and packaged in who knows what special environments or with unprecedented technologies, and for capsules, and for forests, nor do I want to talk about instant coffee or combinations x in 1

Health and Fitness Freedom & gt Lifestyle & gt Health and Fitness Alkaline foods - what they mean and what are the best alkaline foods. By Camelia Diaconu, Thursday, January 16, 2020, 14:53. Last update Monday, September 21, 2020, 10: 4 1801 00 Cocoa beans and crushed cocoa beans, raw or roasted exemption exemption. Bleached rice means paddy rice which has (EEC) No. 3508/92 and (EC) no. Having regard to Council Regulation (EEC) No 1577/96 of 30 July 1996 adopting a special measure for certain leguminous plants for. Ingredients: 1 cup beans beans (boiled) 1 cup brown rice (boiled) 1 red onion finely chopped juice from 1 lemon 1 handful of spinach leaves (raw) half a lettuce 2 tablespoons A handful of beans , nuts, lentils and soy food is the right measure. And a portion of cheese should be the size of a small box of matches. 1. Protein-rich and low-fat foods: • Lean meat • Fish and poultry • Beans and lentils Japanese diet. Japanese diet menu. Japanese diet with rice. Day 3. On the third day you will eat boiled rice, as on the first day, and if you want you can prepare it mixed with vegetables, of course, also without salt. If you want to continue the diet, start again in the same order

Diet with uncooked RICE GRAINS - recommended by Dr.

  1. Nectarine compote-Preparation. The washed fruits are cut in half, the seeds are removed and placed in washed and dried jars. Add in each jar 2 tablespoons of sugar (or more, depending on taste), fill with cold water, staple, stir a little to melt the sugar crystals, then place in a pot with high walls in which I previously put a.
  2. discounts of up to 65%! call now at: 0742 38 79 76
  3. Only from chicken breast, because otherwise he doesn't really like it. And because for some time he likes pilaf quite a lot, although there are some fads, because it must be pilaf, not scattered grains of boiled rice, it must be full of taste and not just boiled rice But the idea is as he eats something else instead of the classic mashed potatoes
  4. Page 1 of 5 - Fasting sarmale - posted in Recipes in pictures: Fasting sarmaleBecause I have a visiting mother and because she is fasting and now she is away on another visit, I thought I would surprise her so I made her sarmale, therefore, we need deceapa, carrots, rice, nuts, mushrooms, tomato / broth paste, salt, pepper and of course sauerkraut leaves here the main ingredients were hardened.
  5. ereu. The same amount of rye grains provides 33% of the daily fiber requirement. Other important nutrients: selenium and tryptophan (18%), phosphorus (17%), magnesium (15%) and proteins (13%)
  6. ute, provided you have boiled rice and beans in the refrigerator, prepared in advance or put in the freezer. It will provide nutrients from all food groups and give a feeling of satiety for a long time

Detoxifying the body

Fried kebbeh, yogurt sauce, Basmati rice - 400g Beef with crushed wheat and special spices - 150g Inedible dessert, milk pudding with rice grain texture instead of homogeneous Simona 25 Feb. 2020 Marhaba Lebanese Restaurant 10 wild rice salad recipes. Wild rice, despite its name, is a type of grain and belongs to the grass family. It has a long shape and the grains are dark. Whole chicken stuffed with veal, sheep and rice, spiced, served with its own juice. Chickpeas, veal broth (wheat, chickpeas, veal), Allergens - Please let us know if you have allergies or follow special diets Lunch - potato casserole and ½ cup of spinach or lamb ribs fried with olive oil and rosemary, along with ½ plate of rice pilaf and a mixed salad. Snack - 2 cups of grapes or 1 sandwich. Dinner - pizza and a lettuce. Advantages and disadvantages Pros. The fixed-to-fixed diet is flexible. It does not exists. Magic Cakes by Casa Ilin. 284 likes. Magic cakes

Most people try flour for the first time of Chickpeas I find surprising of tasty, with a sweet and quite consistent aroma of similar to that of walnut of cock. Most companies sell flour of chickpeas obtained from beans roasted of chickpeas, with a more moderate taste and combine in many recipes 4. Confectionery and pastries, whether sweet or salty, have a fat content of 30-80%. 5. Snacks and any semi-prepared food, nicely packaged and easy to nibble on: wafers, biscuits, pretzels, chips, popcorn, fried and salted seeds and nuts. 6. Any cooked, fried food. 7. Pizza 8

I don't think it's a tastier recipe than sarmale, but because it's a Friday and automatically fasting, I propose a recipe for fasting sarmale that is cooked with mushrooms and rice. This is the recipe prepared by the nuns from the Prislop Monastery. Fried meatballs made from chickpea flour are called falafel, popular especially in Lebanon and Israel. Humus: Ingredients: 200g chickpeas, 50g tahini (sesame paste), two tablespoons lemon juice, 2 tablespoons olive oil, salt, garlic. The chickpeas soaked and then boiled are mixed with the rest of the ingredients. For a good homogenization, the boiled grains are. I made wheat flour and ground coffee beans, a flour came out that I can say is like the one I knew from childhood. I had emotions with the coffee beans, I didn't know how it would turn out, but it was really ok. I recommend the KoMo mill. 16

The truth about basmati rice

At the beginning of boiling (the first 5-10 minutes since it started to boil) immediately after more foam appears, the pan should be pulled off the heat, shaken lightly with both hands, the foam removed and put back on the fire. When ready, take the pot off the heat and place it in the pantry, covered with a clean napkin, soaked in water and well squeezed. So what exactly does frushi involve? Sushi-inspired food is made with pineapple, strawberries and cantaloupe, and the fruit is rolled in sweet rice and a pink soy foil and topped with roasted berry sauce and coconut. Even sweeter? Serve with a portion of cream. File below: you should try Dried apricots 17%, rice syrup, soy flour, apricot paste 12% (sugar cane, apple puree, apricot puree, water, pectin, citric acid, natural flavor), whole oats , fried soybeans, rice chips, (rice flour, glucose syrup, barley malt extract), sugar cane syrup, barley malt, olive oil.

It is a slower diet, you will lose 14 kilograms in 60 days, but it is a diet that does not require special efforts and menus set by nutritionists, writes How to do it: At the same time every morning, on an empty stomach, swallow a grain of rice with a mouthful of water, the next day two grains, the third. For four servings you need 300 grams of basmati rice, salt, a generous piece of butter, three crushed nutmeg beans, a cinnamon stick, grated lemon peel and, optionally, a saffron powder

Small intestines of sheep caliber 18-20 or 20-22mm for fresh sausages, pork intestines caliber 28-30 or 30+ for homemade sausages, beef intestines caliber 32-36 for lebar, chisca, caltabos, packed in bags or casseroles at different sizes or in bindings of 91.5 meters, cotton balls, matte chalks, dried pork blisters and others Page 1 of 2 - Salads - 71 recipes - posted in Recipes for beginners: Although I have not tried these recipes I really want to I share it with you because there are many and maybe they will be useful to you at once. I received these by email so you can see that some recommendations are made for these recipes (eg: it has few calories, the recommended recipe for dinner or breakfast.) I hope it will be. Ingredients: protein - 9g / 40g (22g / 100g), thickener: polydextrose (fiber), vegetable protein mixture 20% (soy protein, rice protein, pea protein), black cocoa glaze 18% (sugar , grăsimi complet hidrogenate (nucă de cocos, floarea soarelui), pulbere de cacao 16%, emulgator: lecitină de floarea soarelui, aromă), boabe de cacao prăjite 5%.

Salata din Orez Negru cu Spanac si Piept de Pui. Salata din Orez Negru cu Spanac si Piept de Pui.Salata cu spanac, salata cu orez, salata cu piept de pui. Luna aceasta am fost invitate sa participam la campania-Mananc Responsabil - Retete gustoase pentru persoanele cu nevoi speciale de alimentatie 250 g de orez precopt 30 g de alge. Bună și o foaie de făcut sushi. O tai mărunt cu foarfecul 1 cartof roșu mai mărișor, sau 2 mai mici. Dacă nu ai roșu, pune alb 1 felie mică de sfeclă roșie, cam 50 de g așa. De data asta am pus de la borcan, deci era deja coaptă. Dar e bună și crudă, nu-ți fă probleme. Am probat

Risotto cu ciuperci, parmezan si unt - reteta traditionala

Vorbim despre un conținut foarte mare de proteine vegetale de cea mai bună calitate: 77% proteine / aminoacizi cheie (BCAA, glutamina si arginina) în pudra proteică de mazăre sau 84,4% proteine / 18 aminoacizi în pudra proteică de orez.Este recomandabil să alegem varianta organică, bio, fie că este vorba despre pudra proteică de mazăre sau de orez India este o țară care este renumită pentru cultura și bucătăria sa. Bucătăria indiană constă într-o varietate de rețete alimentare, variind de la alimentele celebre ale epocii istorice până la produsele alimentare nou descoperite, cu puține răsuciri și răsturnări. Acesta oferă, de asemenea, cele mai bune preparate vegetariene și non-vegetariene găsite în întreaga lume Se desfac frunzele de varza si se curata de nervuri . Spalati si scurgeti spanacul . Clean and wash the vegetables. Ceapa + morcovul+ ciupercile se toaca cu robotul. Prajiti legumele in o parte din ulei . Adaugati boia, pasta de ardei si Kapia,marar tocat, sare . Amestecati,adugati pasatul, orezul si stafidele inmuiate si scurse de apa De exemplu, când punem un telefon mobil umed într-o pungă de orez sau folosim pungi de ceai pentru a reîmprospăta pantofii. Sunt o multime de mici trucuri la care apelam insa nu stim de unde provin ele si nici istoria lor. In acest articol noi va prezentam 12 trucuri asiatice care ar merita sa fie adopate de toata lumea Cum se prepară: Puneți dovleacul într-un vas de copt cu ulei și coaceți timp de 20 de minute la foc cu o temperatură cuprinsă între 180 ° C și 200 ° C. Înainte de 5 minute de timp pentru a scoate foaia de coacere, adăugați semințe de dovleac și sare. Scoateți jumătate din dovleac și rămâneți cu restul la căldură scăzută

Cum a slăbit, de fapt, Minodora, aproape 40 de kilograme

Iahnie de fasole boabe Ingrediente: 500 g. fasole uscata(eu am folosit fasole de 3 feluri de la chenuri), 3 cepe, 3 linguri ulei, 1 lingura paprika, 1 frunza de dafin,cirnati de casa,1 morcov,telina si 250 ml apa Cafeaua măcinată poate fi contrafăcută, poate conține diverși aditivi și ingrediente care nu au nicio legătură cu boabele arborelui de cafea. Sunt companii care adaugă în cafea și alte ingrediente precum sunt: boabe de grâu, boabe de orz, boabe de soia prăjite dar și lemn măcinat, care se pot observa destul de ușor, prin diferența [ • O punga contine 250g de seminte de susan, certificate ecologic cu numarul de certificare BG-BIO-16. • Ingrediente: seminte de susan*, *=agricultura ecologica. • O lingura de seminte de susan are aproximativ 160 pana la 170 de calorii, lipide 48-65% si proteine 24% Vita şi prăjiturelele de orez pe frigăruie (pregătite din orezul rămas de la supa de prăjiturele de orez), mâncarea de rădăcini de lotus prăjite în tigaie şi mâncarea celor cinci feluri de orez, ca şi aburii mâncărurilor, în timp ce sunt pregătite, provoacă amintiri fericite ale nopţilor de iarnă, când copiii erau. 1 conserva de porumb 2 rosii 1 ceapa 500 ml supa de legume piper sare ulei crutoane Mod de preparare: Jumatate din cantitatea de porumb se face piure. Rosiile se oparesc si se taie bucatele. Ceapa se toaca si se caleste citeva minute impreuna cu rosiile. Se adauga cealalta jumatate din cantitatea de porumb boabe, supa de legume si piureul de.

Cafeaua este cea mai băuta licoare din lume. Există mii de soiuri cu diferite arome şi gusturi! Boabele de cafea sunt culese cu mare grijă, însă din fiecare 100 de kg de plantă de cafea rezulta doar aproximativ 25 de kg de boabe de cafea verde care apoi sunt prăjite. În urma procesului de prăjire cantitatea mai scade cu aprox 20-30% Magazine şi preţuri - Deserte Micul Rege Boabe Shirataki din Konjac - 200 g Diet Food 9,21 RON!: (Boabe Shirataki din Konjac 200 g Diet Food) Bob de orez (Diet Rice) din Konjac - Diet Food - 200 g Produs natural 100%, fara grasimi, fara proteine, fara carbohidrati, perfect pentru curele de slabire, potrivit pentru vegetarieni, vegani Ciorbă de fasole și paste: vezi cum se prepară rețeta și de ce ingrediente ai nevoie pentru această rețetă. Urmează pașii rețetei: Ciorbă de fasole și paste

Retete culinare rapide cu poze Pizza cu rosii, mozzarella si busuioc 12 OCTOBER 2014 Pizza cu rosii, mozzarella si busuioc din: aluat de pizza, ceapa, otet balsamic, ulei de masline, usturoi, rosii cherry, mozzarella de bivolita, busuioc, masline. Ingrediente: 1/2 cantitate de aluat de pizza 1/2 ceapa, taiata semirondele 2 linguri otet balsamic alb Retete culinare cu poze . Salată picantă cu crenvurşti si ciuperci. 4 SEPTEMBER 2010. Ingrediente: 500 g cartofi 300 g ciuperci (din conservă) 1 castravete 100 g crenvurşti 1 ardei iute 1 legătură mărar 2 linguri smântână 1 lin­gură oţet de mere 3 ouă 4-6 felii de salam cu şuncă sau parizer 1 lingură maioneză foi de salată.

Bucataria spaniola este alcatuita dintr-o mare varietate de feluri de mancare, varietate datorata diferentelor de geografie, cultura si clima dintre regiunile acestei tari. Istoria bogata a Spaniei, si influentele culturale au dus la nasterea unei bucatari unice cu litreralmente mii de retete si arome. Radacinile ei sun Fără să știm, uneori folosim trucuri care au venit la noi din Asia. De exemplu, când punem un telefon mobil umed într-o pungă de orez sau folosim pungi de ceai pentru a reîmprospăta pantofii. Sunt o multime de mici trucuri la care apelam insa nu stim de unde provin ele si nici istoria lor. In acest articol noi va prezentam 12 trucuri asiatice care ar merita sa fie adopate de toata lumea Raci fierti cu vin. Mod de preparare: Se aleg 20 de racii vii care se vor spala in mai multe ape si se vor scurge bine. Se curata apoi cu un cutit ascutit, fara sa se rupă înotătoarea din mijlocul cozii. Intr-o cratita destul de mare ca sa intre si racii, se calesc impreuna cu 50 de grame de unt un morcov si o ceapa taiate felii subtiri, o frunză de dafin, cimbru, unul de patrunjel, 2-3.

Totul despre naut: beneficii, valori nutritive si retete

  1. ute. Caracteristici de gătit fiertură de legume cu dovlece
  2. Sortimentul contine boabe de cafea Arabica si are o aroma . Noua VIVA CAFÉ : Boabe de cafea prăjite, aduse din Italia. Beau espresso scurt, negru, din cafea boabe , si e super. Ultima achizitie, de la cafemagia. Gimoka Oro Speciale Bar 3Kg. Pellini Top cafea boabe 1kg. Informatii despre Lavazza Pienaroma Rainforest cafea boabe 1kg
  3. Ingredient. Gust de caise: caise uscate 17%, sirop de orez, făina de soia, piure de caise 12% (sirop de fructoză-glucoză, gelifiant : pectină, pulpă de mere, pulpă de caise, acid citric, aromă, fulgi de ovăz, boabe de soia prăjite, orez expandat (făină de orez, zahăr, extract de malț de orz, extract din sos de trestie, praf de malț, ulei de rapiță, regulator de aciditate: acid.
  4. Prânz: o porţie de orez cu o porţie de legume, manâncă pe săturate. Cina: orez cât să te saturi şi 200 ml de iaurt. Ziua 2. Micul dejun: 200 ml de iaurt degresat şi 50 g de cereale integrale. Gustare: 2 mere. Prânz: 200 de grame de vită la grătar şi orez pe săturate. Cina: orez şi legume fierte pe săturate. Ziua
  5. Adaugă doi litri de apă şi jumătate de kilogram de fasole care a stat pete noapte la umflat. Asezonează cu sare după gust, o linguriţă de piper boabe, două foi de dafin, o crenguţă de cimbru, un ardei iute uscat şi lasă să fiarbă la foc moale, acoperit cu capac, până fasole e moale şi se striveşte uşor între degete
  6. Acest proiect trateaza Tehnologia de Fabricare a Maltului Brun. Mai jos poate fi vizualizat cuprinsul si un extras din document (aprox. 2 pagini).. Arhiva contine 1 fisier docx de 23 de pagini.. Iti recomandam sa te uiti bine pe extras, cuprins si pe imaginile oferite iar daca este ceea ce-ti trebuie pentru documentarea ta, il poti descarca. Ai nevoie de doar 4 puncte
  7. Ciorba de miel cu verdeturi de primavara a fost ciorba de Pasti din acest an pregatita de Miki. Era pacat sa nu profitam de verdeturile primaverii si va garantez ca a iesit o nebunie de arome alaturi de miel. Daca va place cu bors avet o varianta aici: Bors de miel cu leustean sau varianta cu gomboti: Ciorba de miel cu gomboti si tarhon

Supa de rosii cu orez - Retete culinare din Tara bucatelo

  1. Cel mai mare exportator de orez al lumii îşi asumă un risc uriaş Taj Mahal din 1,2 milioane de boabe de orez Scumpire importantă pentru un aliment de bază Atenție! Orezul gătit așa este periculos pentru organism! Nu mai mânca acest tip de orez
  2. De ce avem nevoie: 1 kg carne tocată de porc și de vită, 5 cepe, 200 g orez, bulion de casă, boia picantă, cimbru, cârnați, sare și piper. Cum le pregătești: călești bine ceapa. Noi, la Maramu, folosim cât mai multă ceapă! Apoi, adaugi orezul și un pic de boia picantă
  3. Dar sa revenim in prezent si sa va las sa rafoiti aceasta mica carte of bucate din luna septembrie 2015 (daca doriti sa vedeti ce am gatit in septembrie anul trecut dati click aici) pe care o gasiti mai jos sub forma of lista si imagini ale preparatelor pregatite. Sa va fie of folos
  4. Retete diverse, fel de fel - categorii de retete culinare pentru cei dragi. Gasesti aici toate retetele mele, explicate pas cu pas, cu poze si tot ce ai nevoie pentru a gati preparate deosebite. Daca ai nevoie de ajutor, iti stau la dispozitie cu orice fel de detalii. Lasa-mi un comentariu si iti voi raspunde sigur
  5. ţe de pin, ulei şi condimente şi cele umplute cu un amestec de orez (fără carne), ulei de măsline, se
  6. 250 g boabe de năut fierte 2 căţei de usturoi 2 linguri pastă de susan (tahini) 2 linguri zeamă de lămâie piper sare . Preparare. Strecori boabele de năut de apa în care au fiert, păstrând zeama, apoi le mixezi în blender.Zdrobeşti căţeii de usturoi, îi freci cu puţină sare şi apoi îi încorporezi în piureul de năut
  7. Ingredient. 1 kg maruntaie de miel, ied sau pui - in functie de preferinte, 3 cepe uscate, 4+2 oua crude, 4 oua fierte, 150 gr untura, 5 legaturi marar verde, 5 legaturi patrunjel verde, 3 legaturi ceapa verde, 3 legaturi usturoi verde, sare, piper macinat, 10 boabe de piper, 2 frunze de dafin, 10 foi de clatita - subtirele si nerumenite, 100 gr cascaval, 1 lingura boabe de mustar

Pudra PROTEICA din seminte de Canepa, Dovleac sau In, Soia

Orez cu mazare O reteta delicioasa de orez cu mazare. Cum îți ajuți copilul să crească încrezător: 5 sfaturi de pus în practic Pentru a facilita analiza nivelurilor stocurilor mondiale de cacao în scopul promovării transparenței pieței, fiecare membru furnizează directorului executiv, în fiecare an, cel târziu în luna mai, informații privind volumul stocurilor de boabe de cacao și de produse din cacao din țara sa, în conformitate cu articolul 30 alineatul (3) Retete Culinare cu poze # 3 Retete culinare cu poze . Borş de peşte. 16 SEPTEMBER 2010. Ingrediente: 600 g peşte (de preferat şi crap, somn şi păstrugă) 1,500 kg resturi de peşte (cap, şiră, peşte mic) 300g zarzavat 350g roşii 1 ceapă 5fire ceapă verde 30 g orez sare piper 3/41 borş 1 legătură leustean 21 apă Mod de preparare. Lotiune tonica, din apa de orez. Efectul tonic pe care il are apa de orez asupra tenului a facut din orez un ingredient preferat al femeilor care folosesc remediile naturale pentru frumusete. Apa in care a fiert orezul se poate pastra in recipiente din sticla, in frigider sau in formele speciale pentru ghiata in congelator

Sarmale de post mănăstirești - Retete culinare - Romanesti

Activitatile de bricolaj care implicat taiat, indoit si lipit sunt o ocazie minunata de a-ti petrece timpul in mod placut cu copilul si de a-l ajuta sa-si dezvolte indemanarea si simtul creativ. Aceste activitati de lucru manual stimuleaza creativitatea, dandu-i ocazia celui mic sa realizeze lucruri deosebite, pe care sa le utilizeze sau sa le ofere cadou Acest referat descrie Cereale si Derivatele Acestora. Mai jos poate fi vizualizat cuprinsul si un extras din document (aprox. 2 pagini).. Arhiva contine 1 fisier docx de 16 pagini.. Profesor indrumator / Prezentat Profesorului: Munteanu Sergiu Iti recomandam sa te uiti bine pe extras, cuprins si pe imaginile oferite iar daca este ceea ce-ti trebuie pentru documentarea ta, il poti descarca - O lingură de orez cu bob rotund - 2 linguri cu oţet de vin alb - 2 gălbenuşuri de ou - Un pahar mare de smântână - O linguriţă de sare - 5-6 boabe de piper negru boabe. Tăiaţi carnea în bucăţi şi opăriţi-o, dar nu mai mult de 3 minute, într-o oală cu apă clocotită, apoi scoateţi-o şi puneţi-o la fiert,în apă rece.

Medalion de rechin cu orez salbaticTimp de preparare: 45 minute (complexitate redusa) Ingrediente: 1 medalion de rechin. 1 castronel de orez salbatic. 50 gr unt. 10 boabe de struguri negri. 10 boabe de struguri albi. 1 mar verde. 1/2 varza chinezeasca. 1 ardei gras rosu. 2 rosii. 1/2 varza romaneasca. 1 ceapa rosie. sare,pipe Cele 17 rețete de cafea (cu spumă de lapte, cu frișcă, cu înghețată) se fac din boabe măcinate pe loc, provenind de pe plantații ecologice din Etiopia, prăjite cu grijă după o rețetă secretă pentru a obține un blend special și o savoare pe care le găsești doar aici Se aseaza un strat de sarmalute in vasul de lut, 1 foaie de dafin, 2 boabe de piper, iar un strat de sarmalute, etc. Se acopera cu restul de Frunze, se toarna vinul, se pune capacul si se da la foc mic, 1 ora jumatate. Sarmalutele, indiferent daca sunt de post sau nu, au un gust incredibil de bun daca sunt gatite in vasul de lut Cum de a găti orez. Meu Dieta de orez Porridge este, practic, nu diferă de obicei. Inițial, o crupă spălare bună, până când apa este complet transparent (se poate folosi o strecurătoare cu sita fină sau cheesecloth). Apoi se toarnă apă clocotită peste cereale și se lasă timp de o jumătate de oră, astfel încât acestea sunt.

Arta în miniatură: românul care sculptează în castane şi

Năutul era considerat ingredient de bază în prepararea nechezolului, cafeaua surogat a României comuniste. Adevărul e însa altul, iar faptul că năutul ar fi compus nechezolul e mai degraba un mit. În fapt, nechezolul era făcut în principal din boabe prăjite de ovăz, nu de năut De exemplu, o gogoasa glazurata si cu continut de drojdie are 230 de calorii echivalate cu 10 puncte, in timp ce 230 de calorii de iaurt completate cu afine si granola au doar 2 puncte. In aceasta dieta, celor mai multe fructe, legume si proteine slabe, precum pestele, tofu, fasolea, ouale si pieptul de pui li se atribuie 0 puncte Floricelele, o mâncare atât de plăcută la gust şi la îndemână, sunt considerate de obicei a fi interzise întrucât nu sunt bune pentru sănătate, la fel ca prăjiturile sau alunele prăjite. Şi aceasta este o atitudine corectă, întrucât cele deja făcute din comerţ au foarte multă sare, mult ulei şi diverşi potentiatori de gust. Însă [

31 sfaturi generale in alimentatie sau ce cred eu despre mancare

Aceste sfaturi pentru alimentatie, mancare si dieta incerc sa le rezum si sa le scriu de ceva timp. Ele se pot considera o dieta de viata sanatoasa, dieta mea de viata sanatoasa, dieta pentru mine. Poate cateva sfaturi sau toate sfaturile vi se potrivesc si voua, cititi cu atentie si cu mintea deschisa.

Pentru mine mancarea, alimentatia, in ultimii ani si mai ales in ultimii 8, s-a transformat din ceva bun in ceva foarte bun, hranitor si vesel, iar acum va pot impartasi regulile mele de alimentatie, pentru sanatate si energie, reguli care ma ajuta pe mine sa pot fi ceea ce sunt: mai energic, mai calm, mai optimist.

Stiu, am scris 31 de sfaturi. Par multe. sunt multe. Am mai scos din ele. Sfaturile alimentare, pe care le veti citi, sunt simple, explicite si pot, foarte repede, sa va intre in obisnuinta, fara sa incercati sa le tineti minte. Cred ca aceste reguli alimentare nu sunt general valabile, dar asa cum eu am incercat tot felul de reguli inainte si am ajuns la astea, va invit sa le incercati, sa le urmati si sa ascultati ce va spune corpul, dupa care sa decideti care sunt regulile voastre de alimentatie.

  1. Nu mancati carne. Nici macar apa in care a fiert carnea. Nici macar peste si el e tot carne. NICI macar fructe de mare.
  2. NU mancati lactate. Par ca au calciu, dar nu mai este laptele de odinioara. Parerea mea este sa nu mancati lapte si produse din lapte chiar daca aveti “o sursa sigura”. Macar pentru o perioada de 1 luna. Va voi invata sa faceti, sau veti cumpara, lapte de soia, de migdale, iaurt de caju, de migdale, etc. Branza de soia, tofu, e complicat de facut acasa, va sfatuiesc sa o cumparati.
  3. Acelasi lucru cu privire la oua. Nici un fel de oua. Pentru anumite mancaruri care vor necesita un liant de tip ou, vom invata alternative.
  4. Nu folosim sare iodata, aruncati-o din casa pentru a nu fiti tentati. Folosim sare de mare, cel mult sare de Himalaya. Sarea o veti gasi la magazinele naturiste.
  5. NU mancam, in aceeasi mancare, la aceeasi masa, legume si fructe. Legume: morcov, pastarnac radacina, gulie, cartofi, etc. Fructe: rosii, ardei, vinete, castravete, dovlecel, dovleac, piersica, mere, pepene, portocale, grefe, etc.
  6. Condimentele se pot folosi la orice mancare fie din legume fie din fructe. Va sfatuiesc sa le folositi din belsug si sa le treceti printr-un proces termic cat mai scurt sau deloc. La fasole sau echivalent, de exemplu, puteti folosi unele condimente cand fierbe si unele proaspete cand o serviti. Condimente: zeama de lamaie, frunze de patrunjel, marar, leustean, busuioc, piper, sare.
  7. Fasolea sau echivalent (naut, linte, soia, etc) se poate manca cu legume sau fructe. Ele de obicei se fierb sau se pun la germinat pentru a putea fi mancate.
  8. Nucile (alune, caju, migdale, nuci romanesti, etc) si seminte (susan, seminte de floarea soarelui, de bostan, mustar, grau, etc) se mananca cu legume sau fructe. Pentru ele va recomand sa le hidratati (minim 2 ore in apa) sau sa le germinati.
  9. NU mancati fasole sau echivalent, nuci sau seminte la micul dejun si nici dupa ora 19 – 20. Mancati-le dupa 2 – 3 ore dupa ce va-ti trezit, ca organismul sa aiba timp sa se trezeasca.
  10. Este greu si chiar nerecomandat sa aveti un meniu fix pe fiecare zi. Cel mai bine este sa “go with the flow”. La micul dejun puteti sa mancati niste fructe sau niste legume, iar micul dejun “normal” sa-l luati dupa cateva ore.
  11. Apoi, daca aveti un blender, recomand dimineata un smoothie cu fructe si multa multa verdeata (spanac, salata, papadie, untisor… orice alte frunze de culoare verde). Orice este verde abunda in clorofila, iar clorofila este pentru oameni ca o perfuzie cu sange proaspat si curat direct din natura. Incercati sa folositi fructe pentru savoare, un indulcitor gen miere (daca sunteti sensibili la gust), o baza solida gen nuci, alune, macademia, seminte, stafide (cam o mana) si frunzele verzi (cam 50% din compozitie).
  12. Daca nu aveti blender, este mai greu de consumat verdeturi dimineata asa ca va recomand fructe ce aveti la indemana si sunt recomandate cele in sezon: mere , pere, banane (mare grija la mere si pere ele contin pectina care este o fibra cu efect laxativ, deci consumate in cantitati exagerate. creaza stiti voi ce problema). Asa ca doua mere si o banana dimineata in timp ce trageti aer curat in piept pe balcon, este de

fructele si legumele nu trebuie combinate in mancare

Fii la curent cu noutatile Viata Verde Viu.
Articole privind un stil de viata sanatos, retete si multe altele.

Cum se gateste lintea

Lintea seamana destul de bine cu fasolea ca mod de preparare si ca gust, doar ca mie mi se pare mai buna. E bine sa o “alegem” intai, am vazut ca lintea verde cel putin mai are cateva impuritati ratacite, si sa o spalam in cateva ape. Se tine apoi in apa, dar doar cateva ore (mai mult cea verde, mai putin cea rosie). Va trebui sa puneti suficienta apa, pentru ca cel putin lintea verde va absorbi apa isi va dubla volumul.

La fierbere, eu schimb prima apă odată ce a dat în clocot.

Supa de linte e grozav de buna, mie imi place si cea din linte verde, dar in special cea din linte rosie. Cu linte rosie fac supă cremă, iar cu linte verde fac un fel de iahnie, exact ca cea de fasole.

Mie imi plac mult si salatele de linte, combinand lintea fiarta cu diverse legume. Pasta de linte am facut o singura data si nu prea ne-a placut, ma gandesc ca poate nu am stiut eu sa o prepar corect.

Ca sfaturi practice in legatura cu pretul, din ce am mai vazut eu prin magazine (cu rusine marturisesc ca am uitat pur si simplu de linte, nu am mai pregatit-o de tare multa vreme, si mi-ati readus-o voi in atentie prin diverse comentarii), acesta variază între 10 lei/kg de linte verde și 12-14 lei cel de linte roșie. Ultima dată am luat linte de la Mega Image, această variantă.

Lintea – un aliment cu preț avantajos

Lintea nu este asadar cel mai ieftin dintre alimente, dar nici cel mai scump, iar daca tinem cont ca isi mareste suprafata in apa, si ca e un aliment complet, adica nu este nevoie sa adaugam si carne la mancarurile cu linte, lucrurile se schimba. Eu pun cam o cana de linte la o supa sau salata, asadar cam 2.5 -3 lei. Supa am avut 2 persoane, 2 zile, deci zic eu ca merita pe deplin.

Abia astept sa citesc si parerile voastre in legatura cu mancarurile cu linte, daca o gatiti, ce retete folositi, ce sfaturi mai aveti, de unde o cumparati si cu cat…

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Ligia Pop is an author, nutrition consultant and raw chef. He has written 9 books so far, four of which are about a healthy diet, three about the birth and upbringing of a child, one about the practical living of a healthy life and another is a child-friendly piano method. Ligia is the host of the web shows "Ligia's Kitchen" and "Talking to Ligia" and the co-organizer of the Raw Generation conferences. See all articles by Ligia Pop

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Student în RO - Ce și cum mâncați?

Sunt student in anul 3 și “stau foarte prost cu mâncarea” ca sa zic așa.

Sa va introduc puțin. Nu gătesc/nu am gătit niciodată. Am cuptor cu microunde, dar nu cred ca l-am folosit aproape deloc. Nu mănânc super regulat, când îmi e foame iau și mănânc. Nu știu de ce nu simt nici nevoie sa beau prea multă apa - deși știu ca nu e ok, tind sa cred ca e “dieta” mea de vină - maxim 3/4l in aprox 5 zile. In general ai mei îmi pun o masă caldă la fiecare început de săptămâna (sunt la aprox 60/70km de mine, merg acasă ocazional in weekenduri) Bun, masa asta îmi ajunge duminică seara (când ma întorc in orașul unde fac facultatea) și luni dimineața. In cursul săptămânii de obicei îmi cumpăr: mușchi de porc (15/16/17 lei - 500/600g), cașcaval feliat (4.4 lei - 6 felii) cola/fanta (6/6.5 lei - 2.5l) pâine sau lipii gen shaorma(aprox 8 lei - pt. toată săptămâna) Asta ar fi “mâncarea mea de bază”. Uneori îmi comand o pizza sau meniu de la mc/kfc - o data/de doua ori pe lună când nu am altceva și îmi e lene sa merg sa îmi cumpăr sau pur și simplu sunt lehnit de aceeași mâncare de peste. Fructe sau legume îmi iau foarte rar - nu știu de ce nu simt nevoia pt ele - lucru nesănătos, dar na. Ocazional, ca sa mai diversific cât de cât, îmi iau lapte și cereale, conserve, unt de arahide, iaurturi și chestii dulci gen ciocolate, biscuiți etc. Poate vi se pare ciudat, dar de 2 ani și jumătate asta e mâncarea mea săptămâna de săptămâna și nu mai suport. Nu vreau sa cheltuiesc prea mulți bani pe mâncare, nu neaprat pt ca nu am, dar pur si simplu nu îmi place sa cheltuiesc pe mâncare. In general cheltuiesc cam 45-70 lei pe săptămâna cu mâncarea. Puteți sa mi spune-ți ce mâncați voi sănătos și care sa mi țină de foame? Nu vreau sa cheltuiesc nici mai mult de 50/60, ocazional 70lei săptămânal. Mulțumesc!

De cand stateam in camin am observat chestia asta cu studentii care abia au ce manca, dar au sticla de suc de 3l zilnica pe masa si eventual si un pachet de tigari. Mai devreme sau mai tarziu ai s-o belesti cu stilul asta foarte nesanatos. Nemancand si band suc intruna. Vorba altcuiva din thread. Nu ai cantina la facultate ? Sau prin preajma, nu neaparat a facultatii tale ? Mai mananca si tu o ciorba.

Aprob. Mie mi se pare ca la lidl gasesti niste lucruri foarte ieftine comparativ cu competitia, si culmea e ca mi se par la fel, sau uneori chiar mai bune, decat ce ofera competitia

Toata treaba cu planificarea meselor pare complicata, dar dupa ce o exersezi vei vedea ca nu este. Iata niste variante ieftine de:

- proteine: oua (le poti fierbe in camin sau acasa, tin in frigider si le decojesti cand ai nevoie), conserve de peste (ton, macrou, hering, sardine - vezi ce e la oferta si alege ce iti place mai sanatoase sunt cele in sos tomat si suc propriu, nu in ulei, dar uleiul il poti scurge), pui/curcan/porc (bucati slabe de carne - le poti face la gratar acasa si tine in frigider cateva zile la camin), fasole, mazare, naut (pe astea le poti lua din conserva si le scurgi bine daca fasolea este cu sos, o poti consuma ca atare). Toate proteinele astea le poti pune in salate in diferite combinatii si le poti alterna ca sa nu te plictisesti de ele.

- lactate/probiotice: iaurt, sana, chefir, lapte batut - de la Lidl sunt bune si sunt ieftine. Branzeturi: cottage cheese, fagaras, crema de branza - poti face sandvis cu ele + ceva legume pe langa, cele de la Lidl sunt f bune pt pretul pe care il au. Telemea si alte branzeturi asemenea - le poti face cubulete/bucatale si sa le adaugi intr-o salata, nu e nevoie de o cantitate mare. Cascavalul ieftin contine grasimi hidrogenate (adica mai putine produse lactate) si are o calitate mai proasta, mai bine il eviti.

- legume si fructe: in principiu ce este in sezon este ieftin, dar poti urmari si ce este la oferta. Vezi ridichi, salata verde, spanac tanar, rucola, rosii, castraveti, ardei, masline, ceapa verde, varza rosie, varza alba etc. Merele sunt ieftine, dar poti lua si altele cand au pret redus.

- carbohidrati: gaseste o paine integrala/ cu secara sau alt tip decat painea alba cu care sa te impaci, diferenta de pret nu este mare, dar vei vedea ca te saturi mai repede, nu ai nevoie de o cantitate mare si vei avea mai multa energie. Daca iti plac cerealele, le poti consuma, dar tinand cont ca esti student si probabil ai consum energetic mare, ar fi bine sa mai mananci si ceva pe langa la micul dejun. Orezul este ieftin si poti cumpara orez prefiert (din ala la pungute). Orezul il poti prepara cu legume congelate - dar pt asta ai avea nevoie de o plita si niste vase in care sa gatesti. Varianta asta este foarte spornica, sunt multe combinatii si poate fi fel principal sau garnitura. Plus ca nu necesita talent la gatit - ai instructiunile pe ambalaj.

Exemplu de salata satioasa: 1 rosie, 1/2 castravete fabio, 1 ardei, cateva masline, 1-2 oua fierte, 1 bucatica telemea + 1-2 felii paine. In loc de oua si telemea poti adauga fasii de friptura la gratar sau tonul dintr-o conserva.

Eu as miza pe salate cu proteine pt ca daca faci un bol mare poti manca de 2-3 ori in functie de portie si nu "gatesti" decat o data.